In a business scenario, meeting one’s customers is always pivotal to growth and maintaining stability. It gives an overarching picture of their prevailing issues, pressing needs and every aspect that makes them rely on a company or brand.

Tradepass events are always focused on facilitating those very meetings that go miles in achieving the marketing & sales objectives for a company, all the while providing the necessary fuel for business continuity. Courtesy of the pandemic, it has been quite a challenge for many global companies to keep pace with their customers and the emerging trends. To bring forth a solution and be in tune with the New Normal, Tradepass launched its tailor-made virtual events over a seamless omnichannel medium, ensuring companies could maintain a close vigil over their customers.

Virtual events have a host of benefits, including quickly reaching out to myriad buyer profiles and cost-efficient way to execute an event. But while they have completely revolutionized the way events can be conducted, they don’t have the same connect with the people like in-person events do.

As per multiple reports, numerous corporate leaders and experts believe that communicating in-person with the prospects is always way more impactful than communicating virtually or from behind a screen. Not to forget, that technical glitches and network errors further reduce the efficacy of virtual communication.

On the other hand, an in-person event also gives the individual an opportunity to pick non-verbal cues, enabling them form a stronger connect with the companies, their products or services. Not only it’s more impactful in creating a trust factor but also an emotional connect with the people. All of these factors are quite crucial when it comes to closing prospects or deals.

Think of a situation during an in-person trade show where a delegate is walking around the Exhibition Hall to his choice of booths or companies that he has cherry picked to talk to but on the floor he comes across a uniquely designed vibrant booth that catches his attention and makes him to stop and learn more. It is surely not something that a virtual event can replicate.

Also, provided the convenience and ease of execution, there are many virtual events out there, making it difficult for the people to divide their time or choose the particular event they want to participate in. An in-person event on the other hand has a completely different appeal altogether.

Therefore, as restrictions/bans are now being lifted, Tradepass is bringing back the amazing world of in-person events. With a series of events lined up for 2022, APAC and Africa will witness mega scale in-person gatherings for markets like Cybersecurity, Datacentre & Cloud, Fintech, Big Data Analytics and others.

The keenness for in-person events has been quite spectacular so far, as industries are readily confirming their participation for the upcoming events. With thousands of delegates already onboarded by Tradepass at the beginning of the year, the coming months will only witness a bigger number. The response from the sponsors and partners has also been quite fascinating as they have been equally thrilled to take the centre stage at the in-person events.

Tradepass also realizes the challenge with returning to in-person events and without making any compromise on the health and safety of the participants, it has come up with a strict COVID protocol. The protocol is in accordance with the respective state guidelines to ensure the successful execution of events in the current pandemic era.  

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