Having heavily spent on predictive Big Data Analytics (BDA), in what way has MCMC integrated BDA in its overall structure?

MCMC invested into BDA to accelerate the culture and adoption of analytics in day to day MCMC regulatory and industry development efforts. In parallel, MCMC also invested in Data Science upskilling throughout the organisation to empower various MCMC functions to better leverage the BDA infrastructure. 

MCMC has always focused on the burgeoning technologies to enable digital transformation for Malaysia, in that context what role can Big Data Analytics play?

BDA is a big opportunity for Government and industry to leverage to gain insights into operational and transactional data towards developing new products and services that drive new revenue and experiences in Malaysia. 

Considering that Malaysia houses the maximum number of digital consumers in ASEAN, how useful is it while leverage Big Data Analytics for developmental initiatives?

In addition to the big data analytics culture for new digital products and services, industry could collaborate further to debottleneck data sharing blockers that could provide deeper insights into the trends of the rising number of digital ASEAN consumers.  

With the boom of IT and E-commerce in Southeast Asia, how important do you think is Bytes 2022 – ASEAN for the region?

Events such as Bytes 2022 provide a conducive ecosystem for leaders, practioners and players in the data economy to come together to learn innovative and successful approaches in greater adoption of data-driven culture and Cloud-powered technology.  

What are your expectations from the 1000+ Data Analytics professionals at Bytes 2022 – ASEAN?

I encourage professionals to actively network and build connections at Bytes 2022 towards leveraging customer and public demand for digital products and services.     

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